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We also provide many USA and UK Email Marketing Lists covering the following types of businesses:


·       Architects
·       Beauty Salons
·       Builders and Construction Companies
·       Hotels
·       Jewelers and Jewelry stores
·       Restaurants
·       Travel Agents
·       UK Businesses




Marketing Using Frequently of this cross checked Australian Business Address Database & Email Marketing Lists.

When sending out emails to unknown contacts, a marketer is likely to fear the reaction of the recipients.  for services that send email messages see In many instances, there are contacts in the mailing list, who are there by fluke. The problem with poorly compiled emailing lists is that during a marketing campaign, someone can find an email irrelevant and as such, skip the email or retaliate by marking it as spam. However, when marketers buy up-to-date email marketing lists in Australia, they are a step closer to contacting recipients who subscribed to the list and these recipients are more likely to be satisfied with the information that is being circulated.

How a list with genuine contacts makes an email marketing campaign effective

An email marketing program needs accurate names and e-mail addresses so that the message is tailored to fit the needs of the recipient. When a marketer can pinpoint a certain market, he is able to accurately guess the kind of information that is likely to move a potentially non responder to become a responder and a repeat client. The good thing with some high quality purchased marketing lists is that they will also profile the recipient a bit. A good list will also include useful intelligence such as hobbies, interests, education level, location and the age of the recipient. An email with someone’s name will also give the information a personalized feel and convince him to pay attention when he comes across it.

Some strict marketing list policies that marketers should look for

Only buy the Australia Business Directory if sure that the company carries out:-

  • Frequent checks to weed out emails that have gone inactive.
  • Thorough checks to ascertain that the person who gave the email address used the correct names.
  • The company that uses the address or contact still operates in the same industry that they were dealing with when they signed up.
  • Confirmations that the individuals in the list signed up voluntarily. 

We do not offer optin lists but voluntary sign ups are important because there are times when people recommend or fill in a friend’s contact details alongside their own, hoping that their friend will also be interested in getting the same information about a new product or promotion. That may not necessarily be fair as much as someone did it with good intentions. Cleansing actions give people a chance to reaffirm their willingness to be part of a mailing list and to be aware that they are likely to be contacted by people in that industry. Companies that collect leads from seminars and industrial expos are encouraged to do that cross-checking.

Good email marketing lists analyze recipients and group them into niches such as;

List of Builders in Australia

List of Interior Designers in Australia

Electricians in Australia

Estate Agents




You can see our latest list of sample Australian Email Addresses in a Video at

A person who deals mostly in hardware items does not need to waste a lot of time on b2b contacts that are in different niches like legal services. Therefore, people who deal in insurance for example can buy lists which specifically target individuals and businesses who deal with finance, insurance and risk management fields. This prevents flooding of inboxes with information that may seem irrelevant. It is easier to add value to a message if someone knows the exact points that can differentiate them from the competitors.

We also have Video screenshots for other email mailing lists at: Restaurants in the USA Travel Agencies Hotels Jewelry Stores and Jewelers Gift Shops

United Kindom

Restaurants UK

Hotels UK

Employment Agencies

Australian Business Directory

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Email Mailing List of Chiropractors

Chiropractors are a special set of medical practitioners given that there are few places or schools that teach this branch of medicine.

Plus, not everyone is familiar with what chiropractors do. It is rather hard to explain to those unfamiliar with neuromusculoskeletal disorders what a chiropractor can do.

The internet has been of great help to many professionals who want to create awareness about their services or practices. And chiropractors should learn how to use an email mailing list of chiropractors to promote what they have to offer to their intended audiences.

Let us show you how.

Create awareness

Creating awareness about chiropractic is easy if one has an email mailing list of chiropractors. Keep in mind that there are quite a number of people who are unfamiliar on how chiropractors can help them.

An email mailing list of chiropractors can be used to send out educational materials or short messages to educate about this field of medicine that can help alleviate pain and correct other disorders.

Chiropractors just need to be thorough in the message that they want to send. They can come up with long paragraphs or infographics (information plus graphics) about their profession to be sent out to various people. Sending crafted messages can be done in a click with the email mailing list of chiropractors at

Consider that email reaches so many people. Many professionals are doing this technique of marketing and have seen great results.

Sell your services

After creating awareness or educating many people about chiropractic, then chiropractors can proceed to selling their services. Inform the same set of audience that you are a chiropractor who is ready to service patients with their various needs.

A chiropractor can even highlight their experience as a chiropractor like indicating the number of years in practice and certifications, among others.

Remind patients to come back

Some patients need to come back for several sessions. Use the email to remind patients about their scheduled appointments or follow-up sessions using the email mailing list of chiropractors.


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